Roast Chicken seasoned with Rosemary and Garlic

Happy Tuesday!

So to get started on this blog, I decided to find some new recipes to try in the coming weeks. I reached out to my roommates for ideas to get started and Erica mentioned that she was planning to cook a chicken using an awesome recipe that she had used a couple of times last term. She offered to walk me through the process of preparing it, as long I could pop it in the oven when I got back from my evening class. 

So here is what you’ll need


1 fryer chicken 

1/3 cup kosher salt

2 Tbsp ground black pepper

2 sprigs of rosemary 

5 cloves of garlic ( 3 pressed, 2 whole)


Equipment (suggested): 

Roasting Rack

Sheet pan

Kitchen twine


So to start, allow the chicken to come to room temperature, then rinse it and pat it dry, inside and out. Then place a couple of paper towel inside to carcass to continue absorbing moisture. Making sure that the chicken is dried off will help the skin get crispy when you bake it.


Preheat the oven to 425* F 

Next, you’ll want to mix the salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Then chop one sprig of rosemary and press three cloves of garlic and add those to the S&P. This is your rub.


Kosher Salt and black pepper



Apply this rub to every bit of the chicken that you can reach, front, back, sides, and limbs, AND inside the body cavity (be sure that you remove any paper towels before doing this). Make sure you use all of the rub, then toss the two whole cloves of garlic and the other sprig of rosemary inside the chicken.


Then you’ll need to truss the chicken. I would suggest using just less than a yard of twine (it’ll depend on the size of the chicken). Line it up so that the midpoint of the twine rests by the legs, then simply bind the legs, make sure the wrap is snug, then pull the twine up to the neck, being sure that it runs over the wings and tie it in a knot. note: make sure that the wing tips are tucked in, or else they will get burned when it bakes. Then trim any remaining twine.



Getting all trussed up




Next you just put a roasting rack in a baking sheet, then pop the chicken on the rack. Make sure it is centered then place it in the hot oven.


All prepped and ready for the oven


 The chicken will take about an hour and a half to cook, maybe a bit longer. I would suggest checking the temperature at around the hour mark to see how it is going.


Cooked and beautifully crispy


This chicken goes great with herbed or cheese pasta and some fresh vegetables. Enjoy!



Writing and photos: Hannah Gersbach

Recipe and instruction: courtesy of Erica Blanchard



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